Why Study Amos?


I’ve thought deeply about what I can do personally in the midst of such crisis from the pandemic to the persecution and presence of systemic racial injustice in our world. I’m not the president, a politician, or a police chief, but I am passionate about God’s Word.

So, I would love to invite you to study an often overlooked book in the Old Testament with me, the book of Amos. Why Amos? Well, because Amos is often called the “social justice prophet”. His words are prophetically timely and instructive for what we are all experiencing in our culture today. 

We are being inundated with information pleading with us to take a side and align with a certain opinion. Ultimately, what we desperately need is the Word of God to bring us to clarity as we attune our ears and hearts to the voice of The Spirit. My hope and prayer is that as we Study the Word, the Spirit would be searching and studying our own hearts to convict us of sin, bring clarity to confusion, and lead us to the beauty of unity that the Lord desires of His children. The format is pretty simple.

1. Each week we will cover 2 chapters of Amos (5 week study). 

2. The goal is to have your chapters read by Thursday of each week. You can even use the hashtag #AmosInAction and share your insights through social media.

3. On Thursday of each week watch the teaching video that covers the chapters in Amos we've studied.

I want to encourage you to fight to stay consistent and dedicated to go “through” the journey not shortcut or bypass it. I truly believe this will be such a formative time for us to learn, study, and process together in Gods Word. It's the best and most fruitful place for processing to take place. I can't wait to meet you in the pages of Amos and process our learning together.

In Christ,

Joel Muddamalle | @Muddamalle

P.S - I created a special study guide that will get you into the historical, social, and cultural context of Amos as we study together. Think of it as a "Companion Amos Commentary" that will help you dig deeper.

You can grab your guide here - https://humble-theology.teachable.com/p/amos-theology-guide/?preview=logged_out