The Bible isn’t a book, it’s a library of 66 books that all tell one cohesive story

66 Books

40 Authors (led and directed by the Divine Author)

3 Continents

3 Languages

2,000 Years

One story

Did you know almost 94% of people who commit to reading the Bible in a year never make it past the first few months?

This means only around 6% of people actually read the entire Bible. 

I’ve come to believe these three things are the root cause that prevent the 94%

  1. Lack of story
  2. Lack of training/equipping
  3. Lack of accountability

This doesn’t have to be the case for you in 2024! Join me and so many others as we commit to reading through the entire Bible in a fresh and unique way! You will get: 
  1. The full story of Scripture which makes reading the Bible “sticky”
  2. Training and equipping so you can move from “reading” the Bible to actually “understanding” it
  3. Accountability with a group of humble students of God’s Word


Choose a Pricing Option

Each month you will get

  • The current month’s
  • chronological reading plan
  • A video teaching from Dr. Joel Muddamalle unpacking the “behind the scenes” of that month's reading in the Bible. Looking at the culture, context, and social setting helping you get a greater understanding of the story. Think of it as a coffee hangout with a theologian that is relatable and accessible. A theologian who shows up in a pair of Jordans and a Starbucks coffee in his hand! 
  • A “Stay Unstuck” pro tip to keep moving forward in your Bible reading journey!
  • At certain points throughout the year, you will get a “let’s get caught up” email. Let’s face it, we will miss days. And sometimes days missed make us feel like a failure and we want to give up. But the good news is that our goal isn’t perfection in days read, but progress in understanding the story. As my friend Lysa TerKeurst often says, “Imperfect progress is still progress.” So this email will catch you up with where we are in the story so you can pick up in real-time and never feel like you missed out!